New UO ID cards required starting in May

Starting this term, University of Oregon ID Card Services will be giving out new, pre-printed ID cards to all students, faculty and staff. The old ID cards will not work anywhere after May 1.

From January 10 to March 24, students can pick up new ID cards for free if they bring their old ID. The ID Card Services desk has scheduled blocks of time to avoid long wait times.

The schedule is based on an individual’s last name for UO employees, and by year for students — freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. Seniors are scheduled to pick up their IDs at the beginning of the term, then juniors and sophomores, and finally first-year students can get their new ID at the end of the term.

According to the ID Card Services website, the following schedule indicates when students, faculty and staff can pick up their cards:



Last name A–M: Jan. 9–13

Last name N–Z: Jan 16–20


Last name A–M: Jan. 23–27

Last name N–Z: Jan 30–Feb. 3


Last name A–M: Feb. 6–10

Last name N–Z: Feb. 13–17

First Year

Last name A–M: Feb. 20–24

Last name N–Z: Feb. 27–March 3


Jan. 9–13


Last name A–M: March 6–10

Last name N–Z: March 13–17

Faculty and Staff:

Last name A–B: Jan. 9–13

Last name C: Jan. 16–20

Last name D–E: Jan. 23–27

Last name F–G: Jan. 30–Feb. 3

Last name H–J: Feb. 6–10

Last name K–L: Feb. 13–17

Last name M: Feb. 20–24

Last name N–O: Feb. 27–March 3

Last name P–R: March 6–10

Last name S: March 13–17

Last name T–Z: March 20–24




















The website also instructs individuals who missed their scheduled block to pick up their new cards after the distribution period has ended, on March 24.

“They’re pre-printed, so it’s just a matter of handing in your old one and getting your new one,” said Laurie Woodward, EMU director. “If it were me I would go early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the lines are less likely to be long.”

UO students, faculty and staff in Eugene can get their new ID at the ID Card Services office (located on the bottom floor of the EMU) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Students, faculty and staff in Portland can get their new ID at the White Stag Building.  Students at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology can exchange their ID cards at the Charleston campus, according to an AroundtheO press release.

After the deadline, the old ID cards will be deactivated. The old ID will no longer function as a pass for the bus, for campus cash, for parking, or to open doors, Woodward said.

The new ID card has an illustration of the UO campus and has the SAFE hotline on the back. UO student Kathleen Darby designed the new card, after winning a campus-wide contest to update the ten-year-old design. A group of students and staff chose the new look, all with experience in graphic design, Woodward said.

UO ID card services will also be offering a new community card for people who use University of Oregon services, but are not students, faculty or staff, such as spouses and people with campus recreation passes, Woodward said. The card recognizes you as a member of the university community, but is white instead of green.

“We’d updated the university look in so many ways and the ID card is the first thing that you get that says you are a duck,” Woodward said. “It’s your official ‘I belong at the University of Oregon,’ and we wanted it to reflect today’s campus.”


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