Video: SoMo Live in Portland, Nov. 23, 2016

R&B and singer/songwriter SoMo recently visited Portland on his “Less Stress More Love” tour. The Emerald sat down with SoMo to discuss his loyal fan base, his songwriting process, and more.

During the concert, it was very apparent that the fans of SoMo had nothing but love for the artist. The passion and love he displays while performing is SoMo’s way of giving back. When asked what is different about this tour than his previous ones, SoMo says, “I feel like this is my reconnection with the fans,” seeing as it’s been a while since he’s put out new music. He wants to show the die-hard fans his appreciation.

As a songwriter, SoMo takes great pride in the music he produces. He likes to “freestyle over beats” and he always sings melodies, making sure he’s always recording. Engaging with his fans and really connecting with them is important to him.

His song “Ride” was one of the first songs he ever wrote and “now it’s double platinum.” “The first night we dropped that on YouTube, I was convinced this song is going to go platinum if I have to put it on ten albums,” says SoMo.

“They’re all my babies,” he said about the songs he’s written.

“I feel like I’m a real musician and a real songwriter,” says SoMo. “I’m really grateful to be able to make music.” 

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Kylie Davis

Kylie Davis

Kylie is the Video Editor at the Daily Emerald.