ASUO Wrap-Up November 30

Here is the recap from the last ASUO meeting of 2016.


-Carter Fritsch

Carter Fritsch was narrowly appointed as the ASUO Elections Coordinator after a divisive Senate questioned him for over an hour. There was controversy about his appointment because he has been involved with ASUO during his entire time at UO and has had access to information other applicants for the position may not have had.

Fritsch has worked with ASUO for the past 4 years in various positions. This was the first time he had ever run for a position within ASUO.

“I have worked for two years on the non-partisan volunteer-based Voter Guide project, helping bring the public image of elections to a more professional and unified standard,” he wrote in his application.

He has also never publicly supported an individual or campaign running for ASUO office. “I strongly believe I can use this role for the task it was meant to take on — ensuring a rigorous, fair, and efficient process by which the members of our student body can make the best choice to work on their behalf for the coming year.”

The final vote count for his appointment to Elections Coordinator was 15 aye, 7 nay and 1 abstain.

Fritsch thanked the senate and wanted to maintain transparency by allowing anyone to come and speak with him about any concerns.

Financial Business

-Black Student Union

BSU will be attending a conference in Washington D.C., and the group requested $4,980 from surplus to cover the remaining costs of travel and lodging to attend. The request was unanimously approved by the Senate. 7 members of BSU will be attending the upcoming event.

-Black Women of Achievement

BWA requested $2,705 from surplus for an upcoming conference in Texas. The request was passed unanimously by the Senate. Five students from the group will be attending the conference in hopes of gaining more experience in social justice and to foster more productive and informative meetings on campus.

-Sport and Entertainment Law Firm

After weeks of deliberation over funding from ASUO, the revised budget proposal from SELF was approved by the senate. The Oregon Sports and Entertainment Conference that is planned for early 2017 is estimated to draw 350 people. This request was deliberated over for weeks because of the large sum of money being requested. Currently, ASUO is in a budget shortfall and the need to be frugal with funds is a major concern for Senate.

$17,689 was approved for the OSEC which is less than the over $20,000 originally requested.

ASUO reminded the representative from SELF that if there are any extra funds that are not used they must be returned to ASUO.

The next ASUO meeting will be held the first week of Winter term, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. in the EMU.

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