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Podcast: Stacy Versus Star Wars

In the last month, Emerald illustrator Stacy Yurishcheva just watched the original Star Wars trilogy, plus The Phantom Menace and The Force Awakens, all for the very first time. In this episode from the Emerald Podcast Network, Emerald illustrator Stacy Yurishcheva sits down with Emerald podcast producer Emerson Malone to discuss the franchise, and whether it lived up to the hype. This is the first episode of a new series Stacy Versus.

This episode was produced by Emerson Malone. Our music was written by Daniel Bromfield. Check out tweets from Stacy’s live-tweeting marathon below!

Listen to the episode above. You can subscribe to Emerald podcasts in iTunes or listen on SoundCloud here.

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Anastasia Yurishcheva

Anastasia Yurishcheva

Anastasia is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Advertising. She first started making videos on her YouTube channel, then was hired to the Emerald as a multimedia producer, was the 2015-2016 multimedia editor and now became Senior Designer/Illustrator for the publication.