GTFF speaks out against alleged drugging at campus bars

The Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation released a statement earlier this week condemning the actions of a Taylor’s Bar and Grill bartender accused of drugging the drinks of four women.

“These actions are abhorrent,” the letter reads. “The actions of a single bartender are not an isolated incident, rather, they reveal the broader community and cultural norms that continue to facilitate an unsafe environment for women and other vulnerable populations.”

The GTFF is offering actions to be taken by the community in order to prevent further assaults.

“This is a serious problem, and both the local community and the university have got to step up to the plate and make sure they are doing everything in their power to make sure things like this aren’t happening,” Michael Marchman, the GTFF staff organizer, said.

The letter calls for University of Oregon President Michael Schill to make a statement condemning the actions of the bartender and similar behavior. Schill is also encouraged to outline how he will ensure safety for students in relation to campus bars.

“The bars themselves need to put in some kind of plans and policies for how they will train their employees to make it clear to them that that anyone who assaults somebody in this form is going to be prosecuted,” Marchman said.

Other suggestions made by the GTFF include:

  1. Hanging signs that clearly indicate that drugging drinks is assault and will not be tolerated.
  2. Training employees in the nuances of assault. What it is and why it is a crime.
  3. Training employees to recognize when a drink is compromised.
  4. Training employees to be watchful of drinks.
  5. Training employees to react positively and helpfully after an assault has taken place.

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