Video shows three people in blackface on campus, UOPD doubles patrols in response

UPDATE: Nov. 9, 11:08 p.m. – UO emails a statement to students: “The use of blackface is patently offensive and reinforces historically racist stereotypes … The incident has been reported to student life and the UOPD, which has doubled their patrols on campus this evening.” Full statement available here.

UPDATE: Nov. 9, 10:19 p.m. – ASUO Internal Vice President Zach Lusby gave a statement on the incident: “I find this event extremely deplorable. We are horrified that this is happening on our campus. We know that Oregon has a history of racism, but to see it happening right now is shocking.”


A video tweeted by University of Oregon student Zoie Gilpin showed three people dressed in blackface on campus Wednesday night.

Gilpin had just left a Black Student Union meeting and saw the people as she walked home.

The group was standing in front of the Lillis Business Complex on 13th Avenue, near the Anstett entrance.

This event comes in the wake of a UO law professor being placed on administrative leave for wearing blackface at a Halloween party last week.

“We were just discussing how we need to stick together as a black community, and as soon as I leave I run into this situation,” Gilpin said. “It’s not fair that we as a minority have to face this discrimination at all.”

“Blackface is just a thing now? And that’s okay? No, it’s not okay at all.”

The tweet is going viral as many students express their displeasure on Twitter.

According to Gilpin, the people went down 13th Avenue toward Taylor’s Bar and Grill. She said that she doesn’t think the people were students, as they looked younger than college age.

The original tweet with video is below.

This story is ongoing, more details to come.



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