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Q&A: Shook Twins start 2016 tour after release of new single ‘Call Me Out’

Saturday, Nov. 5: Shook Twins at Hi-Fi Music Hall (44 East 7th Ave.), doors: 7 p.m., show: 8 p.m., advance tickets: $16, day of show tickets: $20

The folk-pop band Shook Twins is aptly named, getting its title from two members who are identical twin sisters: Laurie and Katelyn Shook. The sisters, along with three other members, formed their musical roots in Sandpoint, Idaho, but after the release of their first album, You Can Have the Rest, they settled into Portland’s niche music scene.

The band’s sound is varied and heartfelt. From acoustic guitar and tambourine to more eclectic styles of beat-boxing and electronic repurposing, the Shook Twins have molded their own genre into what they call “folky-disco.”

With Eugene as the fourth stop on their 2016 tour, the Emerald spoke with Laurie Shook. 

Emerald: How would you set your music apart from other indie-folk music out there? What would you call yours?

Laurie Shook: Our music is an ever-changing thing. Just when we feel like we can describe it in a few words, we write a “folky-disco” song. We are influenced by so many genres, but the common denominator is folk with a groove. I would call us eerie folk-pop with groove. Most of the time.

E: What inspires your music?

LS: Mostly the way we live our lives, feeling the need to say something real in a specific yet generalized relatable way. And also our amazing homies and present and past legends that make badass music around us.

E: What are the most exotic instruments played in the band?

LS: Probably the magical giant golden egg shaker filled with hopes and dreams!

E: What solicited the move from Idaho to Oregon? Anything unique about the culture that creates a better platform for your music?

LS: We absolutely love our hometown, but we wanted to be in a bigger scene, yet close to the home court. Portland just felt like the easy next step. Portland is a wonderful city for music. The folk scene is very supportive and collaborative instead of competitive. It’s filled with conscious people who feel the same about many things. We feel supported.

E: Two of you in the band are identical twins. How does this family dynamic work in the band?

LS: It’s great! We work very well together. We share the burdens of leading a band without the need to discuss it. Equality is just simply understood. It’s so nice to have someone just like you to bounce ideas off of.

E: Your new single “Call Me Out” was released this August. What message are you trying to get out, and what did you do differently on this single in order to do that?

LS: Well as far as production, this was a collaboration between us, Niko Slice and producer Brody Bergholz [Indigital Studios, Santa Cruz], and it represents our electronic side. We used more synth and midi tones over a vibey, pop-groove, which we haven’t really done on any of our other releases. It’s a song about calling your friends out on their shit, a tough thing to do and receive. We believe in holding each other accountable to be better human beings: more awake, present and humble. We like pop music and felt inspired to make a hooky pop song with a message.

E: You’ve played at Oregon festivals over the years, like Oregon Country Fair and String Summit. Where can we look for you this year?

LS: Hopefully back at those festivals, our favorites in the whole country! We’ll have to see where we land this summer, but Northwest is always our vote! 

Listen to Shook Twins’s latest single “Call Me Out” here:

Find tickets on Shook Twins’ website.

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