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Video: The art of the Campbell Club

What lies behind the walls of the Campbell Club has been a secret to many, until now. A creatives paradise lies behind the doors of this student Co-Op. Almost every inch of the walls in the converted sorority house has been painted with murals and artwork. Ranging from themes of activism, environmentalism and anti-fascism, the resident-created art adds character and inspiration to this community. With some of it dating back decades, the art is a spectacular reminder to the residents of their artistic heritage as an art and music hub in the Eugene community.

With the help and guidance of several Campbell House residents, The Emerald got a personalized tour of the house from roof to dorm rooms to everything in between. Like the Co-Op, the art of the house is ever-changing. While some murals and paintings may come and go, the landscape of the house never fades. Each resident seeks to lay his mark on the house that has left a mark on each of them.



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Eric Schucht

Eric Schucht

Eric is a videographer for The Emerald. A journalism major at the University of Oregon, Eric spends his free time failing at parallel parking and searching for the lost television remote.