Two drug-related cases reported at Taylor’s Bar and Grill in last three weeks

The University of Oregon Police Department is investigating two alleged cases of “causing another person to ingest a controlled substance” at Taylor’s Bar and Grill, according to the UOPD crime log.

The first case was reported on Sept. 23; the second case was reported on Oct. 12. UOPD spokesman Kelly McIver said both cases are pending full reports and are under investigation.

“The report won’t be available for release, and I can’t comment or share any further information at this time,” McIver wrote via an email to the Emerald.

According to state law, “causing another person to ingest a controlled substance” is a Class B felony, and a Class A felony if a person has intention of committing or facilitating a crime of violence against the other person.

Including these cases, five incidents of “causing another person to ingest a controlled substance” have been reported to UOPD since Oct. 10, 2015. The other three incidents were reported to have taken place at off campus locations and are all ongoing investigations.

Update Oct. 16: Taylor’s Bar and Grill declined to comment on the cases.

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