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Gaming Week in Review: HoTS Brawl Mode, Wasteland 3 Crowdfunded, Stardew Valley Update

Heroes of the Storm Weekly Brawl Mode comes out on Oct. 17, and a new hero, Samuro the Blademaster, has been announced

During Blizzcon 2015, Blizzard revealed it was working on an arena mode for its popular MOBA Heroes of the Storm. At the time, it showed heroes fighting in arenas with miniaturized versions of the regular maps, often featuring only a single objective to fight over and randomized heroes. To make good on its promise, Blizzard will be releasing the new Brawl mode next week, along with a new hero based on an influential favorite.

This Brawl mode includes single lane maps, weekly mutators, similar to those in Starcraft 2, and the Arena mode they promised last year. Playing these modes will allow you to earn weekly rewards and also let you commit to shorter games than the traditional 30-60 minute MOBA match.

Additionally, Blizzard will soon be releasing a new take on a classic hero: Samuro the Blademaster. The blademaster was a generic hero unit from Blizzard’s Warcraft 3 but has served as the inspiration for many characters since, including League of Legends’ Garen and Dota 2’s Juggernaut. Samuro will have all of his classic blademaster abilities, such as mirror image, windwalk and the iconic Bladestorm.

InXile Entertainment fulfills crowdfunding project for Wasteland 3 on Fig

The original Wasteland came out in 1988; even if you haven’t heard of it, you’ve likely felt its influence. The Fallout series was originally an unofficial sequel to the original Wasteland, and the infamous Desert Rangers even made a cameo in Fallout: New Vegas.

When Wasteland finally got an official sequel in 2014, many hardcore gamers were able to experience a true return to form in PC gaming. The game often featured immediate irreversible (save for loading one’s save file) consequences for their actions and a punishing combat system that puts most modern games to shame.

Now, the third installment to one of the most important games in PC history is being crowdfunded on Fig and has already blown past its $2.7 million with 26 days to spare. If you’re still looking to contribute, invest or just track the game’s progress, the crowdfunding project will remain open until Nov. 3.

Stardew Valley gets a new content update in Patch 1.1

Stardew Valley turned heads earlier this year by being the modern version of Harvest Moon that no one knew they wanted. With combat, modern story elements and a charming style, the game soared to popularity like few others.

Now the game’s creator, Eric Barone, has made good on his promise to keep working on the game with a load of new content in the game’s version 1.1 patch. For starters, there’s a lot of new content such as choosing different types of farmland (near a river, on a hill or in the monster-filled wilderness) and new magical items and buildings to help get around the world. There are also new candidates for marriage and even the option to divorce your spouse if you so desire. The update includes some balance fixes, such as making farm animals more profitable to raise and making crops slightly less valuable.

You can check out the full list of changes here.

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