Victim of Washington County youth offender attack near Autzen Stadium settles for $660,700

Washington County has settled with a Eugene woman who was a victim of attack and sexual assault after a Oregon football game in 2014. Her assaulter was a teen under the Washington County Juvenile Department’s supervision, the Oregonian reports.

In the joint statement, the attorneys of both parties announced that the woman will receive $660,700. She filed a lawsuit against Washington County and a counselor at Juvenile Department in February 2016, claiming the department ignored signs that the attacker, Jaime Tinoco, was not fit to attend the now-discontinued program that allowed him to be at the football game.

The attack happened in September 2014, when Tinoco was on trip to watch the football game with other 11 youths and county staff members. At the time of this incident, Tinoco was on court-ordered probation for the offenses of harassment, drug possession and burglary.

Jose Andrade was his supervisor at the time. She failed to notice that Tinoco left the group. He was missing for six hours before he attacked the Eugene woman.

According to court documents, the Eugene woman left a pub near Autzen Stadium alone after the game. Tinoco followed her across the street and then dragged her into bushes, punched her repeatedly and raped her.

“The Washington County Juvenile Department remains committed to enhancing community safety and breaking the cycle of delinquency through effective intervention practices and holding youth accountable for their behavior,” the joint statement reads. “We continue to feel sorrow for the suffering of the woman harmed in this case, as well as the distress it has caused in both communities. We hope that this settlement provides a measure of support as all involved seek closure and healing.”

Tinoco was accused of committing aggravated murder of Nicole Laube in 2014. One night prior to his trip to Autzen, Tinoco was cited for driving without a license and breaking curfew.

Tinoco was sentenced to serve 14 years at the Oregon State Penitentiary for kidnapping, assault and rape with his earliest release date in November 2028, the Oregonian reports.


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