UO students cited by Eugene Police for unruly gathering

The Eugene Police Department cited a UO student and two former members of the disbanded Beta Theta Pi fraternity for hosting an unruly gathering late Thursday night, hours after move-in day.

The party, located on block 500 of East 11th Avenue, was reported by neighbors around 12:30 a.m.  – two of the hosts were under the legal drinking age.

According to the police record, six police responded to the call made by neighbors around 12:30 a.m. The officer speculated around 100 people were at the party – many appeared to be minors, Public Information Director Melinda McLaughlin said.

“… People from that party were urinating on their porch, their cars, and in their driveway … Music pumped from within the party as neon lights illuminated the interior of the residence,” the police report read.

As the police tried to approach a student who was holding a beer bong outside of the party, the minor tried to make a run for it. He ended up losing his balance in loose gravel and falling down. Police cited him for being a minor in possession, urinating in public and for interfering with police.

He, as well as many party-goers, were also reported to be former members of Beta Theta Pi.

The Beta Theta Pi chapter at UO was disbanded for reports of hazing and “high-risk behaviors” in March 2016, the Emerald reported. Beta Theta Pi could seek reestablishment, but it will not be able to sooner than winter 2018 and only if it meets all the necessary requirements at that time.

According to the student conduct code, the three hosts and the minor student have violated prohibited alcohol use by consuming alcohol under 21 years of age and furnishing alcohol to a person under 21 years of age.

The Emerald reached out to the three students who hosted the party by phone. None of them answered.


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