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Gaming Week In Review – No Man’s Sky comes crashing to Earth, QuakeCon brings the action

The endless dream of No Man’s Sky gets a harsh reality check.

No Man’s Sky blew gamers away back in late 2013 with the promise of a staggering procedurally generated universe. More than 18 quintillion planets are available to explore, chart and claim for yourself. This staggering scale has created a devoted fanbase of players, many who feel No Man’s Sky could be “the last game they ever need.” But with the game’s release now a week away, the reality behind the fantasy is starting to materialize thanks to one very impatient gamer.

Reddit user daymeeuhn first made headlines for spending $1,300 on eBay to obtain a copy of the game two weeks prior to launch. But that was only the beginning for daymeeuhn, who followed up his purchase with regular streams and videos of the game’s content, which uncovered much of the mystery that has surrounded the title pre-release. His most profound claim is that he reached the center of the game’s universe (often touted as an endgame goal that could take hundreds of hours) in 30 hours of playtime, theorizing that it could be done in as little as ten.

These revelations have sparked a fair deal of unrest among No Man’s Sky devotees, who have started to question the depth of a game with infinite width.  Making matters worse, it also appears that no reviews of the game will be available before launch – meaning most players will be going in blind. The game will hit PS4 and PC on August 9th.

QuakeCon 2016 gives us a first glance at Prey and Quake: Champions

Id’s annual convention/LAN megaparty known as QuakeCon took place this week in Dallas, and gave Bethesda a chance to show first gameplay footage from two of the studio’s buzziest E3 announcements.

First up is Prey, the psychological sci-fi reboot from Arkane Studios (Dishonored). A singleplayer horror shooter set in a mindbending experiment gone wrong, Prey promises twisted puzzles and action aplenty. The first gameplay teaser is below, and boasts a retro-futuristic vibe that should stratch the BioShock itch in the back of your skull.

Next up is Quake: Champions, the PC-exclusive reinvention of Id’s retro shooter. For those who have never experienced Quake, it’s a multiplayer shooter at the speed of light. Twitch reactions are everything, with kills coming faster than the mind can process. Champions promises a modern take on the classic shooter style.

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