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10 Student Groups You Didn’t Know Existed

As a student, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people on a large campus. It can also be hard to find a place where you fit in. Maybe you can’t afford Greek Life or don’t want to join one of the conventional groups or programs you’ve seen around. Here are some lesser-known student groups on campus.

  1. Ahiru Daiko: This is the University of Oregon’s Japanese Drumming Ensemble. Founded in 2010, the group has worked to help integrate students into the musical world of taiko drumming. There are no requirements to join except a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
  1. UO Smash Club: This is a club revolving completely around playing a Nintendo favorite, Super Smash Bros. The Smash Club has competitive tournaments and keeps extensive and detailed records of the highest scores. Meetings are weekly on campus.
  1. K.Aire: The UO’s very own K-Pop dance cover group. For K-Pop fans and dancers alike, this group is a mingling of the two as they learn and perform dances and occasionally hold open sessions for those who are interested in joining as well.
  1. Cricket Team: It definitely doesn’t get the same amount of attention as football, but it’s still here. The UO has its own cricket team that plays regularly and is open to anyone with previous cricket experience or to those wanting to learn the game.
  1. UO Poetry Slam: While you may have seen our school poets at recent events or in university news, they are still unknown to many on campus. Expressing themselves through the art of spoken word, this team is only a few years old and has already gone to compete at the national level multiple times. The team is kept small but open to new members during the year and frequently hosts events and showcases.
  1. U R Awesome: The whole point of this student group is to promote happiness and kindness within the UO community. They do anything from offering free hugs to hosting workshops and meet weekly.
  1. Forbidden Fruit: Love Rocky Horror Picture Show? This is the group that keeps the show going in Eugene from year to year and allows us all to get our Halloween fix. It is completely student run but receives help from others in the Eugene/Springfield area.
  1. TAMID: Ever been interested about the inner workings of the Israeli economy? If you’re looking for a club to give you a little bit of a unique edge in the business field, or you’re just looking to learn more about international economics, this group is open to all.
  1. UO Student Labor Action Project: If you’re looking to do something to make a bigger impact, this could be a good fit. This group works actively to influence decisions that will directly impact students like tuition increases, labor negotiations and fairness on campus.
  1. Quidditch Club: Still can’t get over the fact that the Harry Potter legacy ended five years ago with the release of the final movie? If you dream of taking flight and being the best seeker of the century, look into this UO club. You won’t be flying, but you’ll still get a workout while fulfilling at least a bit of your lifelong dream of being a wizard.

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Jordyn Brown

Jordyn Brown