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Gaming Week in Review: Nintendo NX coming 2017, ESL and Team YP split

Nintendo has announced the Nintendo NX will launch with a new Legend of Zelda game in March of 2017.

Nintendo has been very secretive about its upcoming gaming platform, currently codenamed the Nintendo NX. But they’ve recently given their fans a treat by announcing some crucial information about the new console and their future plans for it.

Nintendo announced through various social media platforms that the Nintendo NX will come out March of 2017 and feature a brand new Legend of Zelda game as a launch title. The gaming company is still being stingy on the actual specifications of the new machine, but we can expect more details to come at this year’s E3 conference and Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The new Legend of Zelda will be Nintendo’s main focus during E3 2016 and will launch for WiiU and Nintendo NX in March of 2017. The announcement featured a picture of the game’s main protagonist wielding a bow and wearing a strange glowing artifact on his belt. Our hero’s signature green outfit is nowhere to be seen, but the art style is very reminiscent of Skyward Sword’s aesthetic.

ESL cuts ties to Team YP, the YouPorn-sponsored eSports team.

The competitive gaming scene was shocked when an internet porn site declared it would be sponsoring an eSports team, but surprisingly, the team flew mostly under everyone’s radar until very recently. Now their peculiar origins might end up the cause of their unfortunate end.

Team YP, sponsored by YouPorn, worked with ESL Gaming to compete in various gaming competitions around the world. But a recent announcement by ESL claims they will no longer associate with the team due to recurring branding issues caused by the nature of the team’s sponsor. This decision would crush many of the team’s ambitions and may bar them from competing in several prestigious gaming events, including ESL One Cologne and Evo 2016.

Team YP offered to completely rebrand itself to resolve any concerns, but the problem lies with the nature of its sponsor. Given the wide range of audiences and countries ESL needs to market to, associating itself with such a controversial brand may be far more trouble than it’s worth.

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Team YP remains optimistic and has received encouragement and support from the eSports community. They’ve stated on social media that they intend to keep fighting to compete and to end the censorship they’ve faced for the foreseeable future.

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