ASUO Senate passes $16,000 to develop carpool website for Safe Ride and DDS

Senate approves two special requests totaling $17,100 to develop a carpool website

Designated Driver Shuttle and Safe Ride both came to Senate to request funding for a mobile website. DDS requested to transfer $9,100 within its budget; Safe Ride requested $8,000 from surplus.

Upon the budget’s approval, the website, which costs $16,000, will be ready by the end of this term. The website allows rides from Safe Ride and DDS to be requested online instead of over the phone. Students will fill out their information, including: name, student ID and phone number to request a ride.

There was a brief discussion about the nature of the project. While DDS calls it a mobile application, he said it’ll be only available on a web browser.

“Please don’t advertise it as an app,” Senator Evan Roth said, “Call it a mobile website.”

Safe Ride President and former ASUO Senate President Kevin Dobyns said the two student groups need to branch out to grow.

“We have gotten to the point where we need to expand,” Dobyns said. “We have to look at new ways to keep us rolling.”

Many senators were also in support of the addition to the university’s traditional carpool service. Senator Zach Lusby said the app will benefit more students.

Others, including Roth, didn’t find the funding feasible.

“I don’t think this is worth it, because I don’t think it has been well thought out,” Roth said.

Joaquin Ramos said the funding should go to buying a new vehicle or paying for more student staff.

Samara Mokaya said ASUO should fund to expand the services instead.

“I don’t think it’s the right time to develop this app, simply because we don’t have the services. Potentially we are putting $16,000 to develop an app that is going to tell you that you can’t get a ride,” she said.

DDS will also spend $1,100 on advertising to let students know about its service. DDS recently developed a volunteer program running Sunday through Tuesday to shorten wait times.

Senate passed DDS’s request with 17 “yes,” and three “no” votes. Senator Roth voted no “for calling it an app,” he said.

Senator Max Burns and Roth were the only senators to vote “no” on Safe Ride’s request.

ASUO Senate spends $18,366 from surplus and passes $16,797 in transfer requests

  • Asian and Pacific American Student Union requested to move $1,387.48 within its budget to bring Dumbfoundead, a Korean-American music artist,  and Jenny Yang, an Asian American comedian, to two of its events. For more information of these event, visit APASU Facebook.

Senate passed to form over-realized fund committee

Senate voted to convene the over-realized fund committee. The committee will decide which event or student group will benefit from the unaccounted amount of money that rolls back to senate this year. Committee chair and senate treasurer Martin Martinez said there could be not enough time to finish the process.

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