ASUO Senate confirms five new members to UO Senate

We went to the ASUO meeting so you didn’t have to; here’s what you missed:

Senate confirms five new University of Oregon Senate members

Senate confirmed five new members to University Senate: Nicole Hendrix, Andrew Dunn, Zach Lusby, Rachel Nicholson and Zach Rentschler. These five senators are responsible for advocating on behalf of students during the weekly meeting with faculty and staff.

Senate spends $18,473 on these special requests:

  • Coalition Against Environmental Racism requests $10,050 to host an event, the PeaceJam conference on April 23. The event will bring the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jody Williams to campus. Williams won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for bringing 122 countries together to sign the Ottawa Treaty banning landmines. The requested funding, however, is to cover the costs for T-shirts, catering and the facility rental, the group said. The group has raised $10,000 to cover other expenses, senator and CAER President Abel Cerros said.
  • Ethos magazine, which is now a part of the Emerald Media Group, requested $5,373 from surplus to cover the printing costs for its fourth issue of the school year. Editor in Chief Jonathan Bach said Ethos managed to negotiate a less expensive paper quality and weight for the magazine, bringing the cost of production for 1,500 person circulation down. It was also granted a request of $3,692 to host its annual Block Party. The funding will cover event insurance, crowd management services, stage, sound and permit fees for the City of Eugene.
  • Multi Ethnic Student Alliance requested $160 to help The Southeast Asian Student Alliance host its event, New Years in the Park. The event creates an inclusive and safe space that showcases marginalized cultures and traditions at the UO for Asian Heritage month.
  • Sports and Entertainment Law Forum requested a  transfer of $265 to put on the SELF Promotion and Recruitment on April 22 at 8 p.m. at the Downtown Athletic Club.
  • Veterans and Family Student Association asked to transfer $700 to host its event, PTSD Panel, on May 10 in Global Scholars Hall.  
  • Climate Justice League requested to transfer $125 for advertising and promoting the group’s existing campaigns.

EMU Board is working with ROAR to establish a food pantry in the EMU

Senator Shea Northfield said the EMU Board will discuss further more about the possibilities in the next meeting at 4 p.m. April 27. Northfield encouraged senators to reach out with recommendations and suggestions.  


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