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Gaming Week In Review: Pokémon crashes Hollywood, Dark Souls just crashes

The Greatest Challenge of Dark Souls III is Running The Game

Dark Souls fans pride themselves on tackling their franchise of choice head-on. FromSoftware’s series of notoriously difficult action games are dense with mysteries, often requiring group critical thinking to be overcome. But a different sort of foe is bringing PC players of the recently released Dark Souls III to their knees: a devastating crash early in the game.

The game has an odd tendency to lock up completely as players approach the first bonfire. Players flooded the Steam game forums with reports of the crash and quickly took to forming theories on how to avoid it. Initially fans theorized that the issue could be traced to specific models of graphics card or installation issues. So far, the fixes shown indicate something a bit stranger. Setting the game’s lighting to “low” seems to prevent the issue, as does starting the game under the “Knight” class and “never removing the character’s helmet.”

According to publisher Bandai Namco, a patch for the issue is coming soon. In the meantime, Souls fans will have to contend with their poorly-lit knights to keep the game stable.

Everybody Wants To Make a Pokémon Movie, Apparently

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Do you want to catch them all? Is training them your cause?

If you said yes to all of the above, you may be among the likes of some big name movie studios. Late Thursday night, The Hollywood Reporter published a story claiming that an aggressive “top-secret bidding war” was underway for the live-action rights to the Pokémon franchise. The story lists three studios as the most interested bidders. Leading the pack is Warner Bros. (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings), who released Pokémon: The First Movie back in 1999. In recent weeks though, Legendary Entertainment (Pacific Rim, Godzilla) allegedly made a series of aggressive offers. Sony Pictures (Spiderman, Men in Black) is also apparently “very interested.”

Furthering the legitimacy of the rumor is a tweet from screenwriter Max Landis (ChronicleAmerican Ultra) that insists some form of attachment to the property. Landis has made headlines in the past for his suggested approaches to established universes; you can hear one of his better pitches in this Nerdist interview. Whether or not Landis’ take on Pokémon ever sees the light of day may depend on which studio wins the bidding war, but it seems some take on the property is inevitable in the near future.

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