One Oregon, Duck Squad file grievance to restart runoff election

One Oregon and Duck Squad have jointly filed an appeal to the ASUO Constitution Court to restart the election next week, stating the elections board unlawfully excluded some candidates from this week’s ballot.

The grievance claims that the elections board sent out an incorrect runoff ballot by leaving out eight candidates running for various at-large seats last Friday.

One Oregon campaign manager Amy Laube filed a motion for clarification with the Constitution Court on April 8, after general election results were released, asking the court to interpret sections of the ASUO Constitution that she believed had been violated.

Laube argued that according to ASUO Constitution, for a multiple-position seat such as those on the EMU Board, the Associated Students Presidential Advisory Council and finance committees, twice the number of candidates than seats available should go on the ballot, based on the number of votes received. For example, the runoff ballot for the Programs Finance Committee’s two at-large positions would have to include four candidates. The elections board, however, only advanced three candidates.

On April 11, Constitution Court concurred with Laube’s argument but could not take any action until a grievance was filed, in accordance with the ASUO Constitution. Laube and Duck Squad campaign manager Vickie Gimm then filed a grievance with the court later that day.

The grievance asks the elections board to make the corrections below:

  • Adding Cherry Ni of One Oregon to the runoff in the 2-seat PFC race.
  • Reversing Morgan Krakow and Maddie Moore as winners in the two one-year Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee seats — a runoff should occur between Morgan Krakow, Maddie Moore, Yuri D’Agosto and Henry Korman.
  • Adding Amber Erkan of Duck Squad to the runoff in the 2-seat EMU at-large 1-year race.
  • Reversing Adrianna Roberts and Sammi Wong as winners for the pair of two-year EMU at-large seats — a runoff should occur between Adrianna Roberts, Sammi Wong, Jasmine Asadi and Kiara Kashuba.
  • Adding Trevor Lan of One Oregon and Priscilla Cardenas of Duck Squad to the runoff in the Student Recreation Center Advisory Board race.

Gimm said this is “an unfortunate oversight.” She hoped the Constitution Court will take action on the matter soon so slates won’t waste time, money and energy on campaigning.

“Our campaign has gone through a lot this season, and hopefully these grievances and the result of these grievances won’t result in more grief,” Gimm said.

“The worst option is to do nothing and let candidates be deprived of their rightful placement and students be deprived of their full choice,” Laube said in the grievance.

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