One Oregon spent more than double what Duck Squad, I’m With UO spent this year

The three slates running for various University of Oregon student government offices released information on their campaign donations and spending today.

One Oregon spent about $15,000 in this year’s election, more than double the amount spent by I’m With UO and Duck Squad combined. The largest portion of One Oregon’s revenue comes directly from its external vice president candidate, Tori Ganahl. The contribution to Ganahl’s totaled $7,000, which is more than the individual budgets of either opposing slates. Here’s a breakdown of each campaign’s revenues and what they spent it on:

Duck Squad

  • Total raised: $3,413
  • Total spent: $3,500
  • Largest contribution: $370
  • Three biggest expenses: T-shirts: $500; posters and flyers: $600; food: $300.

I’m With UO

  • Total raised: $6,034
  • Total spent: $3,774
  • Largest contribution: $900
  • Three biggest expenses: T-shirts: $2,774; campaign kickoff: $372.34; room rental: $175.

One Oregon:

  • Total raised: $22,995
  • Total spent: $15,573
  • Largest contribution: $7,000
  • Three biggest expenses: T-shirts: $7,500; advertising: $3,116; FedEx: $2,142.


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Noah McGraw

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