Duck Squad files grievance, asks elections board to bar One Oregon from campaigning

Duck Squad’s campaign manager, Vickie Gimm filed a grievance against One Oregon this morning, calling to bar One Oregon from campaigning on Thursday and Friday during the general election.

The grievance claims that members of One Oregon’s campaign are wrongfully using contact information from a winter term petition to bring Uber back to Eugene, to advocate for its campaign. The grievance claimed that One Oregon started gathering students’ contact information prior to any active campaigning is allowed and that “Students for Uber” is “merely a shadow campaign” to support One Oregon.

The grievance also states that members of “Students for Uber” sent text messages to the campus community soliciting votes for One Oregon. Multiple screenshots were submitted as evidence.

The grievance also states that One Oregon’s campaign manager, Amy Laube refused that One Oregon is affiliated with the petition or will use the information to solicit votes.

When Gimm asked One Oregon’s presidential candidate, Zach Rentschler on April 4, Rentschler said he was aware of the action but did not indicate to Gimm that One Oregon will stop, Gimm said.

“It is sketchy that [One Oregon] decided to mislead people,” Gimm said. “It’s unfortunate that they have to trick students into voting for its campaign”

Both Laube and Rentschler declined to comment on the grievance.

Rentschler said he has not read the grievance, therefore his comment would not be informative.

I’m with UO campaign manager, Andrew Dunn said he was not aware of One Oregon’s action until the grievance was shared with him by Election Board.

“It’s important that Election Board make decisions to make elections fair,” Dunn said. “[I’m with UO] has already filed a grievance against One Oregon last week, and election board needs to straighten out some problems in its ruling.”

Election Board has until 11:12 a.m. April 7 to rule the grievance. Elections open through 4 p.m. April 8.


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