Guest viewpoint: Duck Squad will elevate student voices

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Fellow Ducks,

As the president and vice president of the ASUO, we have engaged with students across campus on many issues throughout the year. We have worked toward the mission of empowering students and creating a more inclusive student body. During this election cycle, there is one team that we feel upholds this mission by continually advocating for students and working to improve the UO community. When voting this week on DuckWeb, please vote for the campaign that is for the students: Duck Squad.

Samara, Abel and Sophie, the executive ticket, are students who have all been actively involved in the movement for student power and social justice. They have entered the election not to build a resume, but to continue their work. Members of Duck Squad have spent their time at the UO advocating in Salem for funding for higher education, organizing rallies to bring attention to campus injustices, testifying at the Board of Trustees and Tuition & Fees Advisory Board meetings on behalf of students, pursuing racial justice in coordination with the Black Student Task Force and so much more.

Duck Squad’s slate is made up of students from a diverse array of student groups and identities that accurately represent this campus. The team has members from student unions, fraternity and sorority life, and many ASUO programs. They know what it means to be a student on campus and how to make student experiences better in the future.

The students running with Duck Squad are working to continue their progress in making tangible changes on campus. They fight for fair tuition, create racial justice on campus, educate on sex positivity and sexual violence prevention and genuinely care about each and every one of us.

Go on DuckWeb this week before Friday at 4 p.m. and cast your vote for Duck Squad. Every vote counts, and every student should be represented by a team that advocates and cares the way Duck Squad does.

Helena Schlegel, 2015-2016 ASUO President
Claire Johnson, 2015-2016 ASUO Internal Vice President

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