Max Burns elected as ASUO Senate President

ASUO Senate elected senator Max Burns as its new President
ASUO senate is back in order this week with a new president, Max Burns.

Former ASUO Senate President, Kevin Dobyns finished his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration last term. Dobyns served as senate president since summer 2015.

Senator, and ASUO presidential candidate for One Oregon, Zach Rentschler nominated Burns, who currently is the senate ombudsperson, to the position. Rentschler and Burns have worked closely together on the Department Finance Committee this year.

Burns publicly criticized Rentschler on One Oregon’s campaign funding in a Letter to Editor published March 29. However, Rentschler still believes Burns is a good person for the position.

“I think he will do a good job,” Rentschler said. “He really cares about the students and issues on campus.”

Senate confirmed Burns as ASUO senate president with 16 “yes,” zero “no,” and four abstained votes. Senator Quinn Haaga, senator Kiley Wilson, senator Andrew Dunn and senator Burns abstained from voting.

Senate debates fundraising event request
Within one hour of the meeting, senate approved five special requests spending $7,056 from surplus.

Among all the approved special requests, senate discussed long and hard the funding for Chinese Philanthropic Leadership Association. The group requested $1,525 to cover the costs for room rental and food for its event The Voice of UO on April 23.

The event, a singing competition that focuses on cultural enrichment, is also the group’s opportunity to collect funding for its philanthropic projects during the summer.

Since student groups are not allowed to benefit from incidental fee-funded events, according to the ASUO bylaws, senate was hesitant to pass the request. After the group clarified that the revenue from ticket sales is used to host the event, senate approved with 19 “yes” and one “no” votes.

Dance Oregon transferred $518 within its budget for American College Dance Festival.

Asklepiads PreMed Club transferred $550 within its budget for Asklepiads Medical Conference in May.

The Green Business Initiative Student Association transferred $1,250 within its budget for Flipping the Switch: Integrating Renewable Energy into a Sustainable Future conference in April.

Minority Association for Pre-med Students received $500 for its event Dia de Salud on April 10.

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