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Gaming Week In Review: the first Overwatch short debuts as 5th Cell struggles

Blizzard releases the first of the Overwatch animated shorts.

Ever since the unveiling of Overwatch’s first animated trailer, Blizzard fans have been craving more of Pixar-esque animations to help flesh out the game’s already colorful backstory. Recall, the first episode of the new Overwatch animated shorts series features one of the game’s most unconventional characters, a scientist gorilla named Wilson. The short does a lot to expand on both the Overwatch world’s past and present and may have fans of the game more excited than ever.

Overwatch is set to release on May 24 with the game going into open beta on May 3 for anyone who has pre-ordered the title. The game will launch with 21 playable characters and will feature objective based first person shooter gameplay. Players will be able to receive in-game drops that will include skins, taunts, and voice packs for individual characters.

5th Cell lays off 45 staff members after the cancellation of new Scribblenauts game.

Many fans of the imaginative puzzle game series Scribblenauts, developed by indie studio 5th Cell, were disappointed to hear that the latest installment of the franchise would not be coming to mobile devices due to its cancellation by Warner Bros. At least 45 5th Cell staff members have been let go as a result, and it is likely the studio may soon close.

Lead animator Tim Borrelli,sent out a Tweet in an attempt to find jobs for the many displaced staff members. He has since received over 100 responses – and counting.

Nikkei claims Nintendo may soon stop producing Wii Us.

The Japanese newspaper Nikkei claimed earlier this week that Nintendo will cease all production of its Wii U video game console before the end of 2016. Nintendo later made a statement that they intend to keep producing Wii U’s for the foreseeable future.

So far, the Wii U has been the slowest-selling console in the company’s history. Nintendo has already announced that it has been working on a new game console, currently known as the Nintendo NX; little information is available so far, several major announcements about the new product are expected to be made in summer of 2016.

Though it is currently unsure how much of the Wii U’s lifespan on the console market is left, it still has some exciting releases planned for the rest of the year, including Starfox Zero, Sonic and Mario at the Rio Olympics 2016, and a new Paper Mario game.

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