Slates’ tactics vary on first day of online campaigning for ASUO election

Campaigns putting forth presidential candidates for the 2016 ASUO election kicked off their web presences in a variety of ways on the morning of March 21. I’m with UO, Duck Squad and One Oregon all chose different combinations of social media and websites to begin distributing information about their candidates and platforms.

I’m With UO launched a website, Twitter and Facebook page, with ASUO senator Quinn Haaga as its presidential candidate. Programs Finance Committee member Natalie Fisher and ASUO senator Zach Lusby are running as the slate’s external and internal vice presidential candidates. A full list of candidates can be found here.

With the launch of its Facebook page and website, Duck Squad designated Samara Mokaya, a Student Orientation Staff member and outreach coordinator for the Multicultural Center, as its presidential candidate. She is joined by ASUO senator Abel Cerros for internal vice president and Sophie Albanis, ASUO Executive’s Sexual & Mental Health Advocate, for external vice president. A list of all Duck Squad candidates is available on its website.

One Oregon put forth ASUO senator Zach Rentschler as its presidential candidate. Delta Gamma member Tori Ganahl and Adam Sharf, a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi are its external and internal vice presidential candidates. The campaign has a Facebook page with a list of all its candidates.

The campaigns also began to spell out their platforms: Duck Squad and I’m With UO both have platform pages on their websites, and One Oregon posted a video to its Facebook page.

One Oregon’s video outlines the slate’s goals to extend nighttime bus hours to students, keep tuition low by sending students to rally in Salem and bringing Über back to campus.

Duck Squad’s platform, or “squad goals” as they are referred to on its website, include establishing a food pantry in the EMU, expanding Safe Ride and Designated Driver Shuttle, holding administration accountable through “grassroots organizing,” investing in free STI and HIV testings, and implementing cultural competency trainings for students, faculty, and staff for an inclusive campus.

I’m With UO plans on focusing on improving health care on campus, advocating for university policy reform, enhancing safety and accessibility and supporting student groups.

The social media launch is the last scheduled event before ground campaigning begins on March 28, the start of spring term. Voting for the 2016 ASUO elections will open at 9 a.m. on April 4, and close 4 p.m. on April 8. If no single slate receives more than a 50 percent majority, a runoff election will be held the following week between the two slates that received the most votes.

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