Elections board announces this year’s ASUO presidential candidates

Quinn Haaga, Zach Rentschler and Samara Mokaya will run as presidential candidates for next year’s ASUO president position. The candidates’ slates — I’m with UO, One Oregon and Duck Squad, respectively — were also confirmed. 

According to the rules, students can run together for multiple open seats as a campaign or they can run independently for any position they want. Election board chair Abraham Youhana said there is a significant number of independent applicants this year. According to the ASUO website, more than 100 candidates have filed petitions this year. Although March 10 was the deadline to apply, the election board extended it to March 11 due to a technical problem with the ASUO online system.

Candidates must wait until March 21 to start their campaign on social media and March 28 to ground campaign on campus. The vote will open on Duckweb and the UOregon mobile app April 4 at 9 a.m. Besides ASUO President, students will also vote for ASUO senate and members of finance committees. Here’s the list of open seats this year

The ASUO president oversees ASUO programs and acts as the official spokesperson for UO students. The president has the authority to “make such rules as are necessary to ensure the fair and efficient operation of ASUO agencies and programs,” according to the Green Tape Notebook.

ASUO senators are responsible for allocating the incidental fee and representing the interest of students. Senators must serve dual roles as either finance committee members or academic representatives.

Youhana emphasized that student groups and fraternity and sorority chapters cannot contribute to campaigns monetarily, or by providing rooms or sponsorships.

The Voter Guide, a website produced by students of the School of Journalism and Communication, will be available by April 4, Voter Guide member Carter Fritsch said. Students will be able to find information on the candidates and the positions they’re running for on the interactive platform.

Fritsch also said the Division of Student Life will send a mass email to the student body when the Voter Guide is online and encourages students to vote.

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