ASUO Election board holds first mandatory meeting for candidates, set date for 2016 election

The ASUO Election body announced at its first mandatory meeting on Feb. 25 the official rules and schedule for the 2016 election

As expected, the 2016 election schedule looks a lot different than previous years’ election.

Candidates will be allowed to start their social media campaigns on March 21, the week of Spring break. Official ground campaigns start March 28, the first week of Spring term. But the election will not open on DuckWeb until a week later, lasting from April 4 to April 8.

The result of the election will be available on ASUO OrgSync Portal around 6 p.m. on April 8.

The following week is reserved for runoff, if necessary.

Students from the School of Journalism and Communication School, in collaboration of ASUO Election Board, will start developing the ASUO Voter Guide this weekend. The Voter Guide is an interactive platform that shows campaign and students running for the election. The group urged students that are running to participate in the Guide to be able to reach out to the student body.

For more information about the election, open seats and this year’s election rule, visit ASUO’s website. For more questions regarding the election, email Election Board Chair Abraham Youhana at [email protected]


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