Senators seek to create new senate seats and expand voting power

Here’s what you need to know about the ASUO Senate meeting:

Senators seek to create new senate seats and expand voting power
Freshmen senator Keegan Williams-Thomas proposed to create three new voting seats on senate to represent freshman, transfer students and international students.

Williams-Thomas came to the freshman senator position with an extended resume but without any voting power; He wants to change that.

“I’m the only non-voting member of this body,” Williams-Thomas said. “It doesn’t make a lot of sense because the only real justification for that is because it’s an appointed position, but many of us are appointed [to the senate].”

Senator Zach Rentschler is assisting Williams-Thomas to form a working group and explore the possibility of the proposal.

Senator Max Burns said he is in favor of giving the freshman senator voting power and excited to see what the working group comes up with.

Senator President Kevin Dobyns, among other senators, are uncertain about the proposal. Although Williams-Thomas does not vote, Dobyns said his role is still vital.

“[Williams-Thomas] has been doing a great job using his voice as a vote,” Dobyns said. “It doesn’t have the power that a vote does, but it is still influential.”

On the other hand, Senator Jason Selby is skeptical of the proposal. He said the freshman senator does not have voting power because the senator did not participate in the previous election.

ASUO Financial Director Shawn Stevenson said Constitution Court needs to approve the proposal before presenting it to senate.

Student groups receive a total of $6,125 from surplus funds
Senate approved Students for Global Health’s $3,425 request to attend the Western Regional International Health Conference at the University of Washington on April 22. Attendees will learn about global health issues, policies and the effects of immigration on displaced people. The funds cover travel costs and lodging.

The Industrial Designers Society of America received $1,500 to send two members to the Western Regional IDSA Conference at the Metropolitan State University of Denver on April 1. The goal of the conference is to “inspire design quality, … elevate the business of design and [the] industry’s value,” according to the request. The funds cover travel, hotel rooms and food.

The International Business and Economics Club received $1,200 to visit Seattle-based companies that focus on international business such as Amazon, REI and Wells Fargo. The trip aims to provide a greater understanding of international business, and create networking and internship opportunities for its members.

Housing resolution update
Burns said senators should expect to see a final version of the housing resolution by Monday. The resolution has been discussed in several meetings and aims to address the mandatory housing requirement for 2017.

Senate to approve next year’s budget on Saturday
Senators will vote on next year’s budget at Mackenzie Hall room 240C this Saturday at 10 a.m. Some items in the budget include increasing student tickets for football and decreasing funding to LTD which failed to extend the late-night 79x bus service. The budgets approved on Saturday will be put on President Michael Schill’s desk for approval on April 4.

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