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Five burning hot sauce-related questions we have for Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s latest single “Formation” has only been out since Feb.6, but it’s already been memed endlessly – in no small part because of her declaration that “I got hot sauce in my bag, swag.”

Now, everyone loves hot sauce. But for Beyoncé to carry a bottle around in her (presumably ridiculously expensive) bag – let alone shout it out in a song – that’s devotion. It also made us curious about her hot sauce habits. Beyoncé rarely grants interviews, so it’s likely these questions will go unanswered. But we might as well ask.

1.What brand of hot sauce does she use? Houston, Beyoncé’s hometown, is no stranger to hot sauce, hosting an annual Hot Sauce Festival and an entire grocery store, iBurn, devoted to hot sauce. Perhaps she’s picked up some obscure hot sauces from one of these places, maybe a Houston specialty like Big Daddy’s. But we’re in a golden age of hot sauce right now, so it’s not out of the question she might be packing a more generic, trendy brand like Tapatio, Cholula or even Sriracha. Maybe it’s a specialty blend from her private chef. Or maybe it’s just plain old Tabasco.

2. Does she use it on Red Lobster? Beyoncé claims in “Formation” she likes to take her husband to Red Lobster when he “fuck her good.” Bey boasts a net worth of $250 million, so it’s a bit odd that she’d treat her equally rich, rapper of a husband to an international restaurant chain. But then again, rapper Cazwell once saw her at Burger King, so maybe she’ll wolf down anything if there’s enough of the red stuff slathered on it.

3. How does she keep hot sauce from spilling into her bag? Does she keep the bottle sealed in a plastic bag? Does she have some special fancy wipes she uses to keep those nasty bits of hardened hot sauce from accumulating on the edge of the bottle? Does she keep it in a high-tech, spill-proof container? Or does she simply not give a shit, leaving her bag to reek of spilled sauce?

4. Does Kanye West love mustard as much as Bey loves hot sauce? A fake Rolling Stone cover recently surfaced, positing the question of whether Kanye likes mustard. If so, did they get into any condiment fights? They’ve collaborated on “See Me Now,” a seriously stunning bonus track from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I can totally imagine Bey busting out her hot sauce – for a studio snack – then Kanye, behind the boards, brandishing a gold-plated bottle of Dijon to one-up her. 

5. Will she launch her own brand of hot sauce? I hope so. Let’s hope we don’t have to subscribe to Tidal to buy it.

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Daniel Bromfield

Daniel Bromfield

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