Senate confirms three election board members

We went to the ASUO Senate meeting so you don’t have to. Here’s what you need to know:

Senate confirms three more election board members

Jacob Beltrami, Kathleen Mueller and Halle Niehoff are all now members of the ASUO election board.

Abraham Youhana, the election board chair, said the applicant turnouts was low, but he has full confidence in the newly confirmed members.

Beltrami received endorsements from senators Max Burns and Andrew Dunn, who knew him prior to his application. Both Burns and Dunn abstained from voting, but encouraged the other senators to confirm Beltrami despite his lack of experience in ASUO.

“He’s probably the most intelligent individual on campus that I know,” Dunn said.

Youhana also knew Beltrami prior to the hiring, but he said there will be no “backdoor dealing.”

Senate confirmed Beltrami with 18 “yes,” zero “no” and four abstained votes.

Kathleen Mueller spoke at the meeting via Skype. Mueller has experiences in leadership roles in Oregon Kappa Kappa Gamma, Youhana said. Senator Quinn Haaga is on the same sorority board with Mueller. Haaga spoke highly of Mueller’s qualifications, although she has no experience with ASUO. Haaga abstained from voting.

Mueller plans to increase student involvement during the election on campus.

Senate confirmed Mueller with 17 “yes,” zero “no” and four abstained votes.

Halle Niehoff is the only applicant with experience with ASUO. She was the legislative assistant of ASUO Executive last year.

Youhana said her experiences will assist the board as a whole.

Niehoff said she wants to focus on transparency in this years election.

Senate confirmed Niehoff unanimously.

Possible new election schedule announced at senate

Youhana also updated senate on his plan for the election. He said the election could start as soon as Feb. 12. If all goes as planned, ground campaigns could start on Feb. 22. He projected the election will last until April 1.

Senate was divided with different concerns, but all agreed that Youhana needed more feedback before finalizing the schedule.

Senate funds a $10,000 request, expects similar circumstances in the future due to impending department budget cuts

Senate approved Oregon Review of International Law’s $10,000 request. The group was defunded by its department and lost its contract with its publishing company.

The senate decided to approve the request because being published is important in the law profession. Senator Morgan Snooks says that requests like ORIL’s will become more common with expected department cuts next year.

Senate passed the request unanimously.

Senate funds all student groups’ requests

The Vietnamese Student Association requested $1,550 to pay for its annual culture night during spring term.

The group originally planned to hold the event in the EMU Ballroom, but decided to host it in Mac Court because the ballroom will be under renovations during the spring. As a result, the funds will be used to pay for additional costs to equip Mac Court with a stage, lighting, and sound system for the event. The event will be held April 7 at 5 p.m.

The senate approved the Women in Business’s $6,891 request for its Winter Gala — an annual networking event where business professionals have dinner with students. The funds will be used to cover the costs of holding the gala in the Ford Alumni Center and for University Catering. The event will be held April 13 at 6 p.m.

The Japanese Student Organization requested $700 for food for its annual Japan Night. The group normally has enough funds from the previous Japan Night to pay for its food, but last year the event did not raise enough money. To prevent this situation in the future, the group will be charging $5 for entry. The event will be held Feb. 13 from 6 – 8 p.m. in the EMU Ballroom.

Senators continue to push housing resolution

Senator Max Burns says that the housing resolution, that has been discussed in the past two meetings, should be finalized in time for next week’s meeting.

Burns, among other ASUO members, met with UO Housing Michael Griffel today.

“It was not productive,” Burns said.

But he said it was a good start to a conversation with UO Housing.


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