Bonnie: How to start the term off right

Well, the first week of winter term has come to a close, and we must start setting goals for the rest of the term. It is important to begin on the right foot, so here are some tips on how to make sure the term is a success:

1) Do the reading

Sometimes we can slack off on the assigned reading for a class in favor of other assignments we deem more important. This is not wise for a couple of reasons. For one, completing the assigned reading early in the term would be less stressful than attempting to cram in all the reading the day before a midterm or final in order to study. For another, assigned reading typically corresponds with the material lectured during class, so doing the reading can help you get a good grasp of the material when it is presented.

2) Get to know your professors

This is really important. Professors should be a resource to us not just someone that lectures at us twice a week. Actually knowing your professors will be a big help when you need a recommendation or some help finding a job or an internship. Professors want to be helpful, but only if you take the time out of your busy schedule to go to their office hours. No professor wants to write a recommendation for someone that only spoke to them once (and that was to ask for a recommendation).

3) Keep a planner

I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to do something because I didn’t write it down. Planners are a good way to keep organized and on top of due dates and tasks that needed completing. If planners aren’t your style, try sticky notes or to do lists or a calendar. Try to find something to keep you organized early in the term so that you will be more organized at the end of it when things are more hectic.

4) Set aside “you time”

Every day you should set aside an hour or so where you can just relax and chill out by yourself. You shouldn’t always be working, it is not healthy. You should find an activity that relaxes you, whether it be yoga, dancing, or even just reading a book in bed. You can’t succeed in classes unless you are emotionally, physically or mentally unhealthy. Take care of yourself.

5) Establish a type of routine

Having a routine can keep you stress-free and on top of your to do lists because a routine keeps you organized. You can establish a routine by things such as going to the gym at a certain time or doing homework in the library after a certain class. Although sometimes it can feel tedious, keeping up with a routine can help during finals week to de-stress.

6) Go to class

This may seem like an obvious tip, but often many of us skip class and regret it later. Early in the term, we think that skipping a class or two will have not major consequences. However, you will disappointed when your grade in attendance is not where you want it to be. Going to class is also very important so that you can hear the lecture and take notes on it. Both will help during midterms and finals later in the term. Even though the early classes in the term may not seem that important, going to them could also help establish a routine (see tip above).

7) Always take notes

Having a set of handwritten (and I do believe handwritten is better than typed. It makes it easy to grasp material and remember it.) notes will help later when you are studying for tests. Reviewing these class notes every night is also a good way to grasp the material and really understand what is being discussed in classes. Make a habit of taking detailed notes now rather than later and you will not regret it.

Establishing good habits early in the term makes it more likely that you will have good habits throughout finals week. With these tips, you can establish your good habits. Let’s have a good winter term, and go Ducks!

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Hannah Bonnie

Hannah Bonnie