Which resident halls have the most student conduct violations?

Student Conduct Violations are handed out numerous times over the year in all dorms across campus. However, two kinds of citations are much more common than any other ones.

Noise complaints and liquor/drug violations.

“Noise is actually our most frequently seen violation, which is a not really a surprise when you have nearly 4000 new students living in a community setting like the residence halls for the first time,” UO Housing staff member Jenn Crowder said.

Drug and liquor violations are at the top of the list as well.

“Unauthorized alcohol use in the residents halls is by far one of the most common [student conduct violations] we see,” Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards, Sandy Weintraub said.

According to the UOPD crime logs from Sept. 28 through Dec. 6, some dorms have more issues with this type of violation than others. While all of the major dorms on campus had multiple drug/alcohol citations, some of them had much higher counts of violations than others. Here’s the full list:

Carson: 9

Bean: 24

Living Learning Center North: 40

Living Learning Center South: 20

Earl: 40

Barnhart: 28

Global Scholar’s Hall: 9

Hamilton: 60

Over the past two and a half months, Hamilton had the most drug/liquor violations. Hamilton is home to one of the more popular late night food options in the campus area, with Common Grounds Cafe.

Earl and LLCN are second behind Hamilton with 40 violations apiece, while all the other halls are closer to each other in terms of total numbers. The reasons for the huge violation counts seen in Earl and LLCN might be less obvious than Hamilton.

“I think a big part of [the liquor law violations] is how big the rooms are,” former LLCN resident Steven Gilkey said. “You can fit a lot of people into those rooms.”

Glikey also said it can also depend on the students themselves.

“When I lived there, there was a guy on my floor who had ten liquor law violations in one term,” Gilkey said.

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Kyle Wizner

Kyle Wizner