Video: Ducks on: Breast Cancer Awareness

While October has ended, and with it, the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the disease still impacts millions of men and women all year around. Most students may easily recognize the bright pink ribbon as the international symbol of breast cancer awareness and as a symbol of the plight of men and women affected by the disease. However, many may not be aware of when people should begin receiving mammograms, or that Oregon has one of the highest breast cancer incident rates.

Here at the Emerald, we wanted to go out and discover how much students really know about the affliction. Today, Ducks on campus weigh in on their understanding of breast cancer and its surrounding campaign. This is Ducks on breast cancer awareness.

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Anastasia Yurishcheva

Anastasia Yurishcheva

Anastasia is a junior at the University of Oregon majoring in Advertising. She first started making videos on her YouTube channel, then was hired to the Emerald as a multimedia producer, was the 2015-2016 multimedia editor and now became Senior Designer/Illustrator for the publication.