TBT: 9 snippets of history hiding in the pages of old Emeralds

The student newspaper inevitably absorbs pieces of pop culture, politics and people in its pages. Here are some pieces of history that the editors at the time threw in, probably without a thought as to how people in the future would be looking back and seeing them.

1. This advertisement for the original ‘True Grit.’

True Grit advertisement

2. This Ralph Nader speech announcement.

Ralph Nader speech

3. This article wherein Steve Prefontaine is a sophomore.


4. This stylin’ member of student government from the ’70s.

Dennis Mohatt

5. This ‘ask the sexpert’ answer assuring readers masturbation won’t make you blind.


6. When the university changed the multicultural requirement.

Multicultural curriculum

7. When Letterman switched from NBC to CBS.


8. This Macintosh ad from the 1990s.

Macintosh ad

9. This weirdly prophetic ‘man on the street’ question from 1993.


10. This review of a Phish concert from the ’90s.

Phish review

11. This Doonesbury during its original run.


12. …And this Calvin and Hobbes during its original run.

Calvin and Hobbes

13. This virginity ad from 2000.

Focus on the Family ad

14. This analysis of Bush and Gore’s debates in 2000.

Gore and Bush debate



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Scott Greenstone

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