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What to tell all those relatives who ask what your plans are after graduation

For all you upcoming graduates who aren’t prepared for the amount of times your mom’s friends from high school and annoying uncles are going to ask you what your post-grad plans are–the Emerald staff has put together a list of possible answers that are sure to prevent you from ever being bothered again.

  • “Puttin’ in four more years.”
  • “Probz hittin’ up Taylor’s for dollar beers.”
  • “The best plan is no plan.”
  • “I’m a free spirit, Imma do what I want!”
  • “I’m freelancing for any paper.”
  • “Travel the world for six months.”
  • “What are yours?” and imply that they haven’t done anything with their lives.
  • “I don’t know, when are you going to fix your roots?”
  • “Well, I was really hoping to become a washed up soccer mom…So we’ll see how that goes.”
  • “Rehab.” Then walk away.
  • “Well, I sent some audition tapes to the Bachelor.”
  • “I don’t have any.”
  • “Your guess is as good as mine.”
  • “My audition tape for Survivor is coming along. Who needs a job when you can get that cash?”
  • “Going to backpack through Europe once I reach my goal on GoFundMe.”
  • “Just waiting for my rap demo to blow up.”
  • “Recreating every Game of Thrones episode with legos.”

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