Schucht: Recipe guide to Carson Dining

Have you ever been to Carson Dining and thought about making your own food? Well for ideas, look no further. I’ve compiled a list of my favorite foods to prepare using the food at Carson that they have out every day. From desserts to drinks, you’re sure to find something that you can easily make at this buffet.


Taco Salad: Fill a bowl with lettuce form the salad bar and then head to the salsa bar. Add salsa, crushed salsa chips, and shredded cheese and mix it. Now you have a zesty salad from south of the border.

Cheesy Nachos: Fill a bowl with chips and shredded cheese from the salsa bar, then place it in the microwave by the fruit station for about a minute. Once the cheese is melted, feel free to add salsa and enjoy.

Custom Pizza: This is a great recipe on days when the pizza bar simply doesn’t have anything you want. Grab a plate of cheese pizza and head over to the salad bar. Put whatever toppings you want on top, such as chicken, olives, mushrooms, etc. Now place some shredded cheese on top of the toppings and pop the pizza into the microwave. Take it out after a minute and you have your very own custom pizza.

PB Square: Toast two slices of bread in the toaster and then spread peanut butter from the sandwich station on top. Then take a banana and cut it up into slices with a butter knife. Place the slices on top of the peanut butter and now you have a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Note, it’s the closest you’ll get to a PB Square from Common Grounds Café at Hamilton.


Root Beer Float: Fill a glass about a third of the way with vanilla frozen yogurt, then fill with your choice of soda. Now the glasses are pretty small, so be careful not to overfill and make a mess. Root beer is the best choice of soda to use, but you’re free to use any number of soft drinks.

Strawberry Ice Cream: Grab a bowl and fill it with vanilla soft serve then mixed it with strawberries from the yogurt bar. It’s possible to switch out the strawberries with mixed berries. Either way, it’s a nice break from the standard ice cream flavors at Carson.

Caramel Cone Ice Cream: Grab a bowl and an ice cream cone. Crush the cone and place in the bowl. Then fill it with caramel syrup form the soft serve station and then fill with vanilla ice cream. Mix it until the cones and caramel are all throughout the ice cream. This is the closet you’ll get to making your own Häagen-Dazs Caramel Cone Ice cream.

Mint Chocolate Ice Cream: Grab some mints that they have in a bowl near the exit and a cereal bowl. Crush the mints with your feet into a fine powder and then unwrap them. Fill the bowl with the crushed mints, then with chocolate soft serve. Mix the two together and you have a chocolate-mint treat.

Marshmallow Ice Cream: Grab two bowls and fill one of them with Lucky Charms cereal. Sort out the marshmallows into the other bowl and throw away the rest of the cereal. Then fill the bowl with vanilla ice cream and mix the two together for a marshmallow treat.

Peanut butter Crackers: Grab some saltine crackers from the soup station and some peanut butter from the sandwich station. Spread the peanut butter over the crackers and make little sandwiches out of them. This is the closest you’ll get to making you very own Ritz peanut butter crackers.


Strawberry Lemonade: This is my favorite drink and tastes just like what they have at Red Robin. Fill your glass with lemonade then head over to the yogurt bar. Scoop up some strawberries and fill about a third of the glass with them. Mix together with a spoon and you now have the best drink at Carson. Note, it’s possible to substitute the strawberries for mixed berries.

Double Chocolate Milk: Fill your glass half way with chocolate frozen yogurt and the other half with chocolate milk. Mix together with a spoon until the yogurt is fully melted. This drink will be a little bit chunky, due to the ice cream, but it’s great if you want a thicker chocolate milk.

 Diet Chocolate Milk: Fill a glass with skim milk and then add some chocolate syrup from the ice cream station. Mix together until the entire drink is brown in color.


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