#TBT to the 19 craziest Emerald headlines from the early 1900s

In the first part of the 1900s, student newspapers were essentially the Internet: If you wanted to sell something, buy something, figure out what’s going on tonight, see how the Ducks did in volleyball or hear about classes cancelled, you picked up the student paper.

And with all that coverage of minutiae, ‘innovation’ was some variation on ‘start every word in your headline with P.’ Student journalists found some really interesting ways to present their stories.

Here are some wonderful ways that ‘innovation’ came out in the Daily Emerald. These are taken from 1915 to the late 1930s.

1. This wonderfully phrased headline.

Dick Horns Into Newspaper Field


2. This quality snapshot of 1931 life.

Musical "Burglars" Wake Girls With Song at 1 A.M.

3. This confusingly racist story.

"They Buy Floorlamps Where There's No Juice, In Alaska"

4. This randomly placed illustration of strangulation.

Man strangling man

5. This TMI piece.

Silk Pajamas and Cigarettes Are Weakness of Milstein

6. This enticing advertisement.

White Lunch

7. This entirely delightful combination of words.

Mathematics Says "Dope Is Against Us"

8. This soothingly progressive quote.

"Women Are All Right"

9. This piece of artistic gold.

Juice Inspires Poet Ike

10. This important announcement from the governor.

"I Favor All Forms of Manly Sports" --- Gov. Withycombe

11. This uncomfortably named honors society.

Two Poetically Plead for Nuts

12. This important think-piece on Hayward Field’s namesake and his struggle with seasickness.

Bill And The Sea Can't Quite Agree

13. This well-phrased coverage of a civic issue.

Balls Will Need Teeing Up

14. This delightful evasion of a second adverb.

Play Moves Swiftly And With Smoothness

15. This uncomfortable observation.

Babes' Lineup Weighty


16. This wonderfully named workshop.

Miss Tingle Offers New Class In Food

17. This surreal, oddly specific description.

He Entered the Campus With A Transcendental Air Current...

18. This headline straight out of an Air Bud film.

Dog Teaches Coach How to Handle Men

19. This indication that Phelan’s Boys need to suck it up.

Phelan's Boys Want Dry Feet


Thanks to Alexandra Wallachy for the idea for this TBT.

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