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Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Timeline

So it’s official, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State and Senator is in the running for the 2016 Presidential race. I am not exactly fit to speak on behalf of her campaign, but as for her fashion sense, I looked into her past and checked out some of her best outfits.

Shockingly enough, her closet does indeed include more than the infamous pantsuits. Take this as a glimpse of what her style as the first female President of The United States might look like.

At a young age, Hillary Clinton is said to have described herself as a “heart liberal” and a “mind conservative.” Before Bill, she was already a fashion icon, rocking the bug-eye glasses, scrunchies and brightly colored pants with occasional stripes and what looks like the beginning of the Birkenstock sandal trend. I guess you could say she was a fashion forward hippie.

In Law School at Yale, she met Bill Clinton who she would later marry in their living room on October 11, 1975.

Her iconic look really began in the ’90s when her husband Bill took office as president in January of 1993. She owned her title as First Lady of the United States to say the least. The costume jewelry, cardigans, red lipstick and (of course) the headbands and pantsuits were showcased on televisions and newsstands across the county.

In 2013, Hillary Clinton was on stage at the CFDA Fashion Awards giving the award to Oscar De La Renta in none other than a navy blue beaded pantsuit by De La Renta himself. She poked fun at her pantsuits saying, “We can call it Project Pantsuit.”

Fun fact: Hillary Clinton has been photographed in every color of the rainbow when it comes to her pantsuits. If there is anyone who can pull of the monochrome suit set, it’s Hillary.

In 2001, Hillary was elected as Senator and then her title now as Secretary of State in 2009. She can still be seen today rocking the thistles we know and love. The “texts from Hillary” memes of 2012 of Hillary rocking her stunna shades truly says it all.

She has made her mark in fashion history and remains one of the most inspiring women of our time.

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