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10 reasons why emojis should leave the fashion world immediately

Emojis have dominated all forms of technology. Instead of using words, you can now choose from a vast collection of colorful and funny emojis to express your natural emotions or random feelings on all devices.

I have yet to decide if that’s a good thing. But Apple’s recent software update, which made emojis more life-like with improvements to detail and additional options for skin color and gender, tells us that this trend is here to stay.

In desperate attempts to keep up with the times, several different companies have hopped on the emoji bandwagon — even some that don’t belong there. Recently, emojis have made their way onto clothing, accessories, bags and other products. It’s tacky and it’s gotten out of hand, especially in the fashion world.

So, fashion designers and connoisseurs, please, I beg you, stop trying to make emoji fashion happen. It’s not going to happen.

Let these ten particularly nauseating examples serve as reasons for why emojis need to go back to where they came from immediately, and stay there forever. (WARNING: The following images may disturb you.)


1. These Emoji Leggings from Kitson

Emoji Leggings from Kitson 1Emoji Leggings from Kitson 2

How creative. You slabbed on every single known emoji onto a pair of perfectly good leggings. That is not fashion, Kitson.


2. This Crop Emoji Tee from Kitson

Crop Emoji Tee via Kitson 1Crop Emoji Tee 2

You might as well just put a sticky note on your forehead to tell the world about how you are feeling. This is a perfect example of why emojis need to stay in their digital confines.


3. This Poop Emoji Tee from RedBubble

Poop Emoji Tee

Even though it is easily one of the most used emojis, that is not an excuse to put it on a tee shirt. Please tell me this is a joke.


4. These Emoji Earrings from Urban Outfitters

Emoji Earrings 2Emoji Earrings

They don’t even match. Go home, Urban Outfitters. You’re drunk.


5. This Emoji Bikini from Nordstrom

Emoji BikiniEmoji Bikini 2

How cute. You can match your leggings with your bikini.


6. This Emoji Backpack from Tilly’s

Emoji Backpack Tilly'sEmoji Backpack Tilly's 2

“Due to overwhelming popularity, this product is out of stock.” Really, people?


7. These Emoji Loafers from Del Tora

emoji loafers 2


They should be illegal.


8. This tragic Emoji Bucket Hat from The Hunt

Tragic emoji bucket hat

There is simply no way to describe how wrong this is. But I’ll do my best: 😲😖💔😫😭💀


9. This Poop Emoji Button-Up from Betabrand


From far away, it seems okay. But then you get closer and see that it’s not okay….


Not even a little.


10. And the matching Poop Emoji Sneakers, also from Betabrand

Emoji shoes

Shall we take a closer look?


So you’re telling me that people actually pay $88 for shoes with poop all over them.

Okay then. I’m done.


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