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25 Ducks: Sarah Thomas

Age: 25

Hometown: Cupertino, California

Year: Junior

Major: Biological anthropology

Dream Job: I want to be an elementary school teacher.

Why are you attending UO?

I love the atmosphere. It’s a beautiful campus, and it’s so fun and I love the area. I love Eugene.

How/why do you want to change the world?

Well, how, I plan to be teacher of the year at some point in my career. I want to make some really positive changes in the field of education. I’d really like to get away from that one size fits all education standard and work towards something that really helps everybody.

What has been the best part of your college experience?

I don’t know, I haven’t had a very traditional college experience because I’m a transfer student (from Lane Community College) so I’ve never lived in the dorms or anything like that. So I don’t know, I think my favorite thing would have to be learning how much I love learning because I feel like before I didn’t really have that focus.

What are you proud to have been involved with at UO?

I don’t know, let me think, I haven’t really done many extracurriculars at the university. Right now I’m in a women’s self-defense and it’s really empowering. I volunteer about forty hours a week (outside of the university).

What are some of your goals after college?

Teacher of the year, main goal! I want to teach in a 4J school, I want to have kids, but I would say focusing on my teaching career and being the best that I can be each and every day.

Who’s your biggest role model/influencer?

I’ve worked with a lot of really amazing teachers before, and I’ve had some amazing teachers before and I’ve worked with them through different schoolings so I’ve had a plethora of amazing instructors who have made me who I want to be. (Specifically) Christie Hoogendoorn, along with Merrill Watrous. They are two amazing educators, Merrill an LCC professor, Christie a first grade teacher at Camas Ridge. They both love their students with the same conviction that I wish to emulate. Their enthusiasm is radiant and shows me that grown ups can have fun exploring education just like kids can! They make me want to be the best me I can be each and everyday!

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Kira Hoffelmeyer

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