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25 Ducks: Jasmine Beeson

Age: 19

Hometown: Troutdale, Oregon

Year: Junior

Major: Political science

Dream job: Family law attorney

Why did you choose U of O?

I chose the UO because I loved the environment. The environment and culture were ones of diversity and inclusion, which are two principles that are really important to me. Also, it really helped that the campus is absolutely beautiful.

How/Why do you want to change the world?

I want to change the world by supporting families and children during tough times. This means intervening on behalf of the children when their parents are going through a divorce, or aiding the children and parents in legal matters. I believe that much of what we learn happens when we are first growing up, so it is important that families and children have support and a strong foundation. I want to change the world in this way because I saw my family through a really messy divorce – with a child custody battle and all the works. Though I am doing great now, it’s because both of my parents really cared about the welfare of my two siblings and I. Not every child has that same support, so I want to make sure that they can have the best starting point in life as possible.

Best part of your college experience?

The best part of my college experience has definitely been joining the University of Oregon College Republicans, where I met some of my best friends that I will have for life. I have been able to become so politically active. I actually switched my major from pre-med biology to pre-law political science, after I realized that I was better suited for politics and networking with others. Though I plan on going into family law, eventually I do want to get into politics in the future – either as a representative myself or as a behind-the-scenes campaigner.

What are you proud to have been part of at U of O?

Again, I would say the College Republicans. I’m proud simply because of the experiences I have been able to have. Whether it’s going to the state capitol to meet with state politicians or attending political conferences, I am proud to be apart of it.

Goals after college?

I plan on attending law school for family law.

Role model?

My role model is my mother. She is the bravest person that I know. She is willing to give all she has for the sake of her children, and I appreciate so much what she has done for my siblings and I.

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