Freshman representative confirmed, money returned to surplus at ASUO Senate meeting

ASUO Senate had a mixed bag of an agenda at its April 22 meeting, which lasted over two and a half hours. Senate confirmed a freshman representative, appointed a new senator to the University Senate and saw an increase to surplus for the first time this year.

Hunter Mackin was the nominee for Senate Seat 21, Freshman Representative. Mackin is an economics major who is a former volunteer for the ASUO, pledging a fraternity and involved with club Jiu-Jitsu. Senate President Rebecca Rhodes said she had no issues with Mackin’s resume, but she was displeased that no one who had interviewed Mackin from the ASUO Executive showed up to introduce him or answer questions. Several other senators expressed similar sentiments. Rhodes said she was unsure of whether she was comfortable confirming Mackin due to the absence of Executive staff. Other senators, like Will Iversen, said they didn’t think that should affect the vote.

“I don’t think he should suffer because Exec couldn’t muster one of their large staff to be here tonight,” Iversen said.

Senate confirmed Mackin with one abstention from Hao Tan, who lives with Mackin.

Following the confirmation, Senate turned to its selection of a replacement for Conner Lasken to attend University Senate meetings. Senators Francisco Morales-O’Connor and Lizeth Marin were nominated. Morales-O’Connor accepted the responsibility to attend.

Senate also saw several special requests, most of which were fund transfers within groups. However, a few requests produced extended debate. One was the request made by the Public Relations Student Society of America for $6250 to fund an internship event, which would feature a talk given by Lauren Berger, known as the “Intern Queen,” to talk about how to succeed in securing internships. According to Laura Berger’s website, she has been featured on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, The New York Times, The New York Post, Teen Vogue, Bloomberg, LA Weekly, among others.

Senator Tan raised concerns about holding this event at the end of the year, when many internship application deadlines have already passed, and said that he feels securing internships is already “harped on so much.”

Senator Morales-O’Connor disagreed.

“I think a lot of students don’t actually know about internships,” Morales-O’Connor said. “This is a really awesome free event for those who might not be able to get the services otherwise.”

Senate passed the request and all the others. However, this week surplus gained a $20,000 return via the Child Care Subsidy, resulting in the first Senate meeting of the year in which Senate received more money than it spent.

Iversen reminded those present that the over-realized committee is still taking applications and that the first hearing for requests will be Friday, April 24. The Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee will be continuing to negotiate talks with the athletics department about student ticket allotment for next school year.

ASUO Senate meets Wednesday nights in the EMU Walnut Room. You can learn more about the ASUO by visiting its website.

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