ASUO Senate focuses on protecting surplus at the start of spring term

In its first meeting of spring term the ASUO Senate reestablished its determination to spend student money wisely as the surplus winds down to an ever smaller percentage.

The debate around the special requests presented by the Asian Culture Communication Association proved it. The Asian Culture Communication Association is a relatively new group, having only begun receiving ASUO funding this year.

The group requested a total of $5,170 for three separate events including the Japanese Comic Show, the Asian Cultural Exhibition and Mahjong Race.

Senators were concerned by the lack of fundraising that the Association presented and suggested several possibilities to mitigate the costs of the three events. One item was a $700 banner, for which Senate Vice President Rebecca Rhodes suggested the group find funds itself. Senator Hao Tan also suggested that they hold their events in the Great Room of Global Scholars Hall rather than the EMU Ballroom to cut costs.

Senate passed part of the request, but tabled the other two events for next week’s meeting.

After Senate finished hearing special requests talk turned to a resolution brought by Senator Will Iversen to designate $75,000 of this year’s surplus to help mitigate the potential impact on student groups due to next year’s projected smaller surplus. Money from that earmarked $75,000 could only be allocated with a three-fourths majority vote.

Senator Oh felt uneasy about saving money from this year’s I fee, saying it’s unfair to students who won’t benefit from it next year. Other senators including Robin Lilley and Ronnie Grenier said they thought the provision of the three-fourths vote was enough to provide for any additional expenditures that might be necessary this year once the $75,000 floor is hit.

Senate passed the resolution.

The Muslim Student Association requested money for an Islamic Perspective on Violence event, about which many senators expressed enthusiasm and support. Senate also granted money to the group Outlaws for a conference on transgender legal issues.

Senate meetings are held in the EMU Walnut Room at 7 p.m. on Wednesday nights. For more information on the ASUO, visit their website.


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