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How to Spring Clean Your Closet

Organizing your closet is a task in itself. Then you have to decide what is worth keeping and what needs to be given away or even thrown away.

Have one of your closest friends by your side during this tedious process. They know your closet just as well as you do, will be honest about what is worth keeping and can keep you motivated and moving quickly.

First things first, divide your clothes into three piles: yes, no and maybe. This can be done for shoes too. If you haven’t worn it in the last six months, ask yourself whether it’s really worth keeping.

We all have those sentimental pieces: the prom dress, your favorite band t-shirts or even dad’s old letterman jacket he gave you in high school. But when’s the last time you’ve even looked at it?

Ask yourself tough questions, says Jamie Novak, author of 1,000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets. Does it fit well? Look good? Comfortable? Will you wear it anytime soon? If you answered no to any of those questions, it’s time to let it go or put it in storage.

Thinking like a minimalist will help immensely. There’s a variety of websites that offer advice, such as, which has countless articles and lists to assist you in your spring cleaning, including “101 physical things that can be reduced in your home.” The article suggests choosing ten of the items on the list and to focus on reducing, rather than removing, to eliminate some of the stress.

Feng Shui expert Ann Bingley Gallops offers some more advice on the cleaning part: “Before you put your favorite spring things back into the closet, take the opportunity of having empty shelves to replace your shelf paper, vacuum the closet floor and make the closet fresh and clean.”

After decluttering and cleaning, it’s time to think about organization. You may decide to sort clothes by color or season, and place shoes by heel height. Whatever it is, keep it consistent so your things will be easy to find later.

Cloth hangers are the best option for those who have a lot to be hung. They can be stacked for extra space efficiency, don’t snag or pull on delicate clothes and help your closet look extra clean and organized. Try a matching set, like Huggable Hangers ($20 for 34 hangers at Target). 

Clear plastic bins are also a great storage addition to your closet. They can be easily labeled by clothing item or accessory and put on higher shelves or under your bed. The bins will keep your garments dust and damage free until you are ready to wear them. The Container Store has a great variety of shapes and sizes.

When you’re all finished, it’s time to get rid of those old things. Here are some places to donate in Eugene:

Clothing and accessories that are in good enough shape can be donated and resold at places like Goodwill or Buffalo Exchange.

The East Broadway Campus Goodwill Donation Center and Retail Store is open Monday- Friday from 9AM- 9PM, Saturday from 9AM-8PM and Sunday 9 AM- 7PM.

Buffalo Exchange, located between Oak and Pearl is open Monday- Saturday from 10AM- 7PM and Sunday from 11AM- 6PM.

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