This is what all three of the ballot measures you’re voting on this week mean

Nearly every year, there’s a slew of ballot measures students vote on during elections season on DuckWeb. Unfortunately, it’s a bit tough to make an informed decision if you’re not well-versed in ASUO language and processes. Here, we wade through the jargon, so you don’t have to.

Oregon Solar Energy Advisory Statement

The University of Oregon chapter of OSPIRG is behind this ballot measure, which would send a letter to Gov. Kate Brown supporting the Go Solar Oregon campaign. Doing so would tell the governor that the UO student body collectively supports the campaign’s goals. The organization collected 1,500 signatures from students supporting the measure.

A yes vote would send the letter to Brown on behalf of UO students, which would ask the university to increase its capacity to consume solar energy from 0.02 percent to 10 percent by 2025. A no vote means no message would be sent.

Program Directors’ Council amendments

The Program Directors’ Council is a group composed of representatives from every group officially recognized by the ASUO. The council currently meets twice per term. There are 160 members.

A yes vote would only require the council to meet once per term. It would also give the Executive the ability to place sanctions on groups whose representatives don’t attend the meetings. A no vote would change nothing. 

Constitution Court justice removal

The Constitution Court is tasked with upholding the ASUO’s official rules (think of it as the student government analogue to the U.S. Supreme Court.) If the ASUO Senate moves to remove a member of the court, 12 senators voting in favor of the motion can pass the motion.

A yes vote would require a three-quarter majority vote in the ASUO Senate to remove a member of the Constitution Court. A no vote maintains the 12-senator vote needed to remove Con Court members.

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