2015 ASUO elections active campaigning begins

Spring break has come to a close.  The University of Oregon is once again full of life with the sight of students walking, biking and longboarding back and forth from classes. On that trek to class, students may notice a new presence on campus.

Students are now met with tables displaying signs emblazoned with the purple shape of the state of Oregon by UO Forward, the yellow webfoot amidst dark green sported by Ducks F.I.R.S.T. and spread duck wings from the We Are Oregon campaign slates.

Social media campaigning is already well underway. The active campaigning of the 2015 ASUO has begun and the general elections polls open as of 8 a.m. Monday.

Currently, 95 ASUO election candidates are in the process of being filmed for this year’s interactive voter guide — featuring, for the first time, a one-minute video of all candidates answering the same three questions.  The last group will be filmed Tuesday, and the voter guide is expected to be sent to all UO students as a reminder that polls are open and encouraging them to vote.

“This voter guide is a little more personal,” Andrew Dunn said. Dunn is a sophomore running for Senate Seat 8: Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC) on the UO Forward campaign. “Rather than just seeing our names on a website, students can see who we are. We can really educate them on issues, and they can see our passion for governing and leadership.”

 During active campaigning, although the candidates are essentially competitors who are tabling to convince the student body to vote for members of their respective campaign slates, many are looking forward to a friendly atmosphere.

“I think it is important to make sure that everyone is cordial and respectful to one another because this election involves students who have been working on these issues for years and want to implement these changes,” Helena Schlegel said. Schlegel is a junior running for president on the UO Forward campaign.

“It’s a time of camaraderie. We all go out there at 8 a.m. in the morning, and it’s Friday. You’re cold and tired and they’re cold and tired, too,” Erin Horwitz said. Horwitz is a junior running for Senate Seat 1: Programs Finance Committee (PFC) on the We Are Oregon campaign. Reflecting on her involvement in an ASUO election campaign last year, Horwitz said, “It is really nice to be surrounded by people who are all passionate about what they are doing regardless of whether or not they are on the same slate.”

Freshman Mickey Swartz, a candidate with Ducks F.I.R.S.T. running for Senate Seat 18: Physical & Computer Sciences, mentioned that he also hopes for a respectful environment.

“I like how everybody is getting a chance to voice their positions on important issues,” Swartz said. “Sometimes it may get a little too crazy whenever people are putting down the other campaigns, that always makes me a little anxious, but other than that, I really look forward to active campaigning.”

Swartz mentioned that he is friends with students on the other campaign slates.

The general election polls will close this Friday, April 4.

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