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Closet profile: Anold Khamphouny sports “high-end” street wear

Anold Khamphouny is a sophomore from Portland. His major is psychology right now, but he says that may change. After admiring his unique sense of fashion, I got the opportunity to interview him about his style.

How would you classify your style?

There’s some street wear in there, but also high-end. Then again, I wouldn’t say high-end because I don’t own high-end pieces — just pieces that look high end.

Who influences your style?

This one YouTuber I was introduced to last year. His name is Jacob Keller and he’s from Portland too. I would watch him and I came into my own thing. He’s really an inspiration; I like the way he does things. Some things I like about his style are the long shirts he wears and how he layers them; his shoes are cool too. His YouTube name is AlwaysFreshApparel.

Favorite brand right now? 

My favorite brand is Killion. I learned about it through Jacob — the guy from YouTube. I like all their stuff because they are cheaper than they look. They cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumer, so they sell at lower prices than a more reputable brand would. Their quality is on-point. I got a parka for only $68. If you were to find the same quality somewhere else, it would probably be well over $100. It’s unique how they do things. They release it in a capsule collection, or release it in a quick strike. When it all sells out, they are done, and there is a good chance it won’t be made again. They have been around for a few months and are based out of L.A. Their customer service is also on-point. I tweet at them if I have a question, and I always get a response within a few hours.

Favorite item in your closet?

My fishtail parkas. They’re split in the back and in the middle. I have three right now and I need to have them. One I got yesterday and it’s olive — I just love it. The material is this awesome canvas and kind of heavy-duty, but yet light enough to wear in fall.

How do you keep up to date with L.A. style while in Eugene?

A big thing is YouTube — I have subscribed to a few men’s fashion channels, and I also like blogs and websites. I was really into shoes. I am a little less now, but I would go onto HypeBeast. I follow Complex Mag on Twitter too. Tons of stuff about new Yeezys and stuff, mostly because it’s New York Fashion Week.

How has Eugene affected or influenced your style?

I don’t know if it has really had any affect. One thing I do notice lately is that there is one boutique in Portland I wanted to check out. In Eugene it’s small and there are not many stores that are geared toward higher-end mens apparel. If I wanna go try a new piece I kind of can’t. I can only do it online only which I don’t like sometimes. I have to go home to Portland to try stuff on.

One trend you dislike?

Joggers have been really overplayed lately. I see them everywhere. Another one is Uggs. I just don’t like them. There are so many other options — so many better boots you can wear other than Uggs. For that price too I would rather get nice leather boots.

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