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Your February gaming bargain guide

If your wallet is getting tight after a busy Valentines Day, or maybe just too many celebratory pints at Max’s, it might be time to start crunching the numbers and setting a budget. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up the gaming pleasures that keep you procrastinating long into the night. This week, multiple huge sales are happening across different platforms. Here are some triple-A experiences you can pick up at a B-tier price.

Humble Square Enix Bundle : The Humble Bundle has long been the savior for PC gamers who are fans of cheap videogames and charity. Set your own price for this collection of great games.


Hitman GO (Android): Mobile games get a bad rap. Often times they’re decried as cash-in experiences that can’t satisfy hardcore gamers for more than a fleeting moment. But Hitman GO smartly blends the stealth genre with a pseudo-board game experience. Move a small plastic Agent 47 across the board and plan out increasingly elaborate murders in the fewest moves possible. The thinking man’s game of killing, this simple puzzler has enough content to keep anybody glued to their phone for hours. Pay any price, and Hitman GO is yours to own.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director’s Cut (PC): In 2027, Detroit is a hive of underground criminal activity, corrupt government officials, and steadily growing economic divide. In other words nothing has really changed, except now people can get cybernetic enhancements. Play as Adam Jensen, a free agent that toes the line between criminal and hero, in this beloved cyber-noire FPS/RPG hybrid. Beat the average price paid for the bundle (currently sitting at $7). For $15, you’ll also get the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider and 2012 open-world Hong Kong gang drama Sleeping Dogs. However, both of these titles frequently go on sale for a more attractive price. So I’d advise holding off if you’re only interested in picking those up.

 Ultimate XBox Game Sale : If you’re looking to bolster your digital collection on your Xbox ONE or Xbox 360, Microsoft is offering up some impressive deals until the 23rd.


Telltale Value Pack: If you’ve never experienced Telltale’s masterful storytelling, now is the time to hop on the bandwagon. This collection features both seasons of its acclaimed adaptation of The Walking Dead, the first season of the fairytale noir The Wolf Among Us, and a season pass to the currently-in-progress Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones. All for $65 ($55 if you’re a Gold member). That’s a pretty astounding bargain, and one that will keep delivering for months to come.


Sniper Elite 3: You know what I’m starting to miss in video games? World War II. During the PS2 era, it seemed every week had a new FPS, RTS, RPG, or platformer released that aimed to recreate the thrills of Saving Private Ryan. But fatigue set in, Call of Duty went modern, and I’ve been robbed of my basic desire to shoot Nazis in the face. Thank Churchill that Sniper Elite 3 is here to beautifully fill that void. Set in Africa (an often unseen portion of the conflict), SE3 is a top-notch third-person shooter that (predictably) has a focus on sniping. You can even watch your bullet travel through a Nazi spinal cord with slow-motion tracking. Satisfy your historical bloodlust for $12.50, or $10 with Gold.


Just Cause 2 (360): Open-world games often pride themselves on chaos. Fans of these games are familiar with the feeling of having absolute control over a city and littering the world in explosions and death before speeding off into the unknown in a sports car that travels at just under the speed of light. Just Cause 2 takes that fun style and removes any semblance of real world logic or physics. You play as Scorpio, a mercenary of unidentifiable ethnicity with a magic parachute, a grappling hook and a mission to wipe out communism. The gameplay is like a dream, leaping across the massive game world in all manner of vehicles. Pick it up for $5, or $3.75 with Gold.

If you’re more interested in retail releases, Target’s the hot spot starting on the 22nd. Their annual Buy One Get One free deal is back for one week, applicable to all video games.

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