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DIY: Banish bras with bralettes

Lately, this trend has been popping up everywhere and on everyone. Bralettes are basically as comfortable as a sports bra, except fashion-wise they’re a step up. They may not be as supportive as a regular bra, but they are give any outfit a spot of cute detail. You can layer them under baggy shirts or strapless shirts and dresses. They’re a perfect belated Valentine’s Day surprise as well. Here’s a DIY guide to making these on your own. Feel free to customize them with different trims, lace and ribbon etc.

You will need:
-Fabric (This can be lace or anything you want.)
-A pattern you can find them here
-Bra clasps (craft store)
-A trim that needs to be at least 3’’ wide and 30’’ long
-Elastic Band or lace trim or ribbon for the straps
-Elastic Strap for the waistband (measure yourself to get the right fit)

1. Follow the pattern and cut four bralette pieces.
2. Sew together two pieces in the middle so they create a triangle. Repeat this step for the other side of the bra.
3. Slightly overlap to two triangles and sew together.
4. Place the elastic waistband on the bottom covering the overlap. Make sure you place it on the side you want to face your torso. This way, it covers the seams. Pin the waistband in place and sew the waistband to the bottom of the two triangles.
5. Next, make sure the waistband fits snugly and measure out where the bra clasps should meet. Sew them to each side.
6. Measure out your bra straps to a comfortable length then sew them to the top of the triangles and again to the waistband. You can spice up your bralette by adding more straps and incorporating different types of lace. This will give it a more Boho feel.

Happy crafting!

This post was inspired and guided by this blog post on Project 22.

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Sarah Vella-Labrador

Sarah Vella-Labrador