Six crime prevention hacks UO students should know

Sometimes getting your stuff stolen out of your car, home or backpack can feel like a prerequisite to being a student. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The UO Police Department and Eugene Police Department offer a number of services and solutions that will put you ahead of the criminal curve.

Here are crime prevention hacks and resources for your bike, house, property and person.

1. A U-Lock for your bike

The number one crime on campus is theft — particularly of bikes and their parts. Last term, there were 46 instances of bike theft according to the UOPD’s crime log. Though the winter break period was quiet, UOPD Public Information Officer Kelly McIver said that the UOPD expects “more bike thefts to trickle in” over the next few weeks. 

This can set you back $50 or more at an REI or another outdoor accessories store, but the UOPD offers the locks for a more economically friendly $20. To purchase a U-Lock, visit the UOPD’s East Station on East 15th Avenue and Walnut Street.

2. Engrave your personal property with your driver’s license number instead of your name

If it gets stolen and the thief gets caught, having your driver’s license number will make it easier for the police to return the item to you. It should look like this: OR 123456 DL. 

3. If Designated Driver Shuttle and Safe Ride are booked

If you feel unsafe walking to your dorm or another building on campus at night, UOPD officers can offer you a ride to where you need to go. Call 541-345-5919. 

4. Ask EPD to perform a free “Home Security Inspection”

Want to know how easy it is to break into your living space? EPD can help with that. After, an inspector will offer suggestions on how to safeguard your apartment or house. You can sign up for one of these inspections by contacting an EPD crime prevention specialist that’s been assigned to your area of the city.

If you’ve returned from break and found that some of your valuables went missing, signing up wouldn’t be a bad idea. According to EPD’s Public Information Director, Melinda McLaughlin, burglary numbers seem to be on an upward trend in the winter weeks. Students usually notice this as they return from holiday break, McLaughlin said.

West University’s manager is Kelly Putnam. You can call her at 541-682-5642.

5. Buy a steering lock device from the EPD for $13

Though there isn’t much you can do besides hiding the valuables in your car to prevent a break-in to your vehicle, buying a steer lock mechanism will prevent car thieves from making off with your vehicle. EPD is located at 300 Country Club Rd. 

6. If you have a bike, register it with Parking and Transportation

Bikes being returned to their owners after theft isn’t common, said McIver. But the likelihood is even less likely if you don’t register your bike’s model and serial number. 

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